Meet Yvonne, she lost 4 inches off her hips and 2 inches off her waist after only 6 half hour sessions with Josh.
Great job, keep it up!

In only 6 weeks, this mother-daughter team has achieved awesome results in our Thin It To Win It Program with Josh’s Team!

Gabbi has lost 5 inches off her waist and 6 inches off her hips!

Sherri has lost 5.5 inches off her waist and 12 pounds!

These ladies are determined to continue their journey to become healthier! They haven’t missed any sessions, and we are SO proud of them!

More success stories from Team Black with Thin It To Win It!

Daniel lost 3.5 inches from his waist and 4lbs!

Mary Ann lost 6 inches from her hips and 4 inches from her waist.

Alice lost 2 inches from her hips.
Way to go Team Black! We are SO proud of you!

As a breast cancer survivor, Susan Dunham has faced her share of challenges. After undergoing a double masectomy, Susan sought out STAR Fitness Center as a way to regain the strength she lost during her treatments and to loss the extra weight that is often a side effect of cancer treatments. She was seen by one of our Physical Therapists, who worked directly with our personal training department to design an effective, yet safe work out program to get Susan back in the gym. Although Susan had to make the decision to come into the gym, she credits Cara, her personal trainer, for motivating her and pushing her to achieve her goals. “I work out because I can. It is a privelge to work out, and we shouldn’t take that for granted,” says Susan. She feels there is no easy way to lose weight and get in shape. “It’s hard work, but why wouldn’t you want to take care of yourself. We spend tons of money on make-up and nice clothes to look great, why can’t we spend $40/month to work out and feel amazing?” During her personal training sessions, Susan has also gained the knowledge she needs to continue to be successful working out on her own. In 5 1/2 months, Susan has lost 37 lbs, 7 inches from her waist and she’s down 5 pant sizes!

After recovering from a heart transplant 17 years ago and battling severe scoliosis, Amy was diagnosed with diabetes in September 2011. The diagnosis came as a complete shock and turned into a life altering experience.

Working with a dietician, constant blood sugar testing, and smarter eating (low carb diet with portion control) all lead to the beginning of her weight loss experience. After a year of smarter eating, Amy lost 20-25 pounds, but this brought up a new issue with her scoliosis – chronic back pain. She tried injections but found little relief until she started physical therapy on a regular basis.

Without a consistent exercise program following therapy, Amy’s pain returned. At this point, she turned to STAR Fitness Center, where she met with a physical therapist who got her started on a fitness program that helped to strengthen her back while providing the workout she needed to feel great again. But Amy took this one step further and started working with Chris, a personal trainer, on a regular basis.

Chris continues to build on the exercise program Amy started. “In the beginning, I was pretty skeptical hiring a personal trainer and spending the extra money. After only 3 sessions, I was hooked! Chris is awesome and has worked with people experiencing numerous types of health problems in the past. He’s extremely knowledgeable and a great motivator. Since working with Chris, I’ve dropped my blood pressure medications and my diabetic medications, and I’ve continued to lose weight and inches. The pain from the scoliosis is minimal, and I take Tylenol only occasionally. I am now able to play and spend time with my nieces and nephews without it causing a month of pain!”

“I had my first medical check-up since working out at STAR 4 months ago. I’ve lowered my cholesterol 60 points, pacemaker usage went from a consistent 12% to 1% and I’ve lost 12 pounds! THANK YOU STAR FITNESS CENTER!” – S. Buras, Covington