STAR 16 Week Arthritis Program

Key Components of the Program:
Initial consultation with a Physical Therapist, 2 training sessions with a certified Personal Trainer, A variety of group exercise classes, Regular reassessments and exercise progression.
Healthy Hearts Blood Pressure Reduction

B.E.S.T. Exercise Program for Osteoporosis

STAR Fitness follows an osteoporosis program developed at the University of Arizona called Bone Estrogen Strength Training (B.E.S.T.) in which increases in bone density are achieved through weight bearing and weight lifting exercises and group exercise classes. This program is designed specifically to increase bone density at bodily locations which usually suffer from the most significant loss.

Cancer Exercise Program

Many Cancer patients feel that the worst part of the disease is the fatigue that comes with its treatment. Numerous studies have shown that one of the best ways to combat this fatigue is to engage in a consistent light to moderate exercise program. Our Cancer Exercise Program helps you to gain energy and take control of your life and activity level again.

Stable Balance Program

Key Components of the Program:
Physical Therapist Consultation, Fitness Assessment, Instruction, Communication with your physician.

Healthy Mom Healthy Baby Pregnancy Program

If you are pregnant, you know that one of your most important roles is to stay healthy so that your baby boy or girl can start their life healthy. Keeping an appropriate weight, remaining strong and optimizing your cardiovascular health have huge benefits. Not only does it help keep your baby healthy, but it also helps you feel good through one of the most challenging, but rewarding, years of your life.

Type II Diabetes Program

Diabetes takes a terrible toll on peoples’ lives. But it doesn’t have to rob you of your health. By being guided in the right kind of exercise and starting to eat more healthy choices, you can win the battle. You will find yourself shedding weight, gaining energy and hopefully starting to be able to take less medications.