When you are a member at STAR Fitness, you can receive complimentary Physical Therapy consultations. If pain is keeping you from exercising or you just want some expert guidance, we are here for you!
At STAR Physical Therapy we provide compassionate, progressive care in a salon-like environment. With lights dimmed, soothing music and a positive atmosphere, it is the perfect place to relax and allow us to get you feeling great again.

“We specialize in keeping our STAR Fitness members healthy and reaching their goals.”

-Matt Slimming, PT, DPT

We are known for our caring and thorough approach to healing. Our excellent therapists are masters at accurately and efficiently dealing with painful conditions. Every injury is different, and every patient heals in his or her own way. At STAR, we provide personal, individualized care and tailor a treatment plan based on your personal goals. We want every patient to walk away ready to live their best life!


Star Physical Therapy