Complimentary Group Classes are included in your membership! We feel exercise should be fun; you’ll love all of our group classes.

We have over 20 complimentary group classes available for members! From Chair Yoga to Zumba, there is something everyone will enjoy.

Our group class instructors are knowledgeable, friendly, and monitor members to reduce injury in a fun, social atmosphere.


Group Class Descriptions:


Barre (All Levels):

Barre work includes both slow and fast exercises, which both serve to strengthen muscles. Each exercise has a specific purpose, such as to strenghten feet and legs, increase extension, improve flexibility, and develop light-footedness.
Instructor: Missy


Chair Yoga (All Levels):

A gentle yoga class, which connects breath and movement to improve focus, flexibility, balance, and relaxation.
Instructor: Missy


Circuit (All Levels):

Circuit style calisthenics- a varied of mix of multiple exercises.
Instructors: Justin & Mary


Senior Circuit (All Levels):

Lower intensity, lower impact class designed to boost energy and improve overall strength.
Instructor: Donna


Group Strength (All Levels):

Your instructor will lead you and the rest of the group through a progression of strength building exercise.
Instructor: Phillipa & Donna


Pilates (Moderate):

A method of body conditioning based on using positioning and gravity to work the muscles.
Instructor: Phillipa


Total Body Pump (Moderate-Advanced):

Pump, Step, and Plyometrics…what more can you ask for?
Instructor: Donna


Cycling (Moderate-Advanced):

Cycling was never like this! Your instructor takes you on a fun road trip with music and motivation. You’ll burn calories galore as you strengthen your heart, lungs and legs.
Instructor: Donna


Yoga (All Levels):

This class offers the foundation of yoga practice.
Instructor: Laura & Debbie


Zumba (All Levels):

Come join the party! This class will get you moving and shaking!
Instructors: Elissa & Shelley


Zumba Gold (All Levels):

Zumba Gold is a slower-paced version of Zumba.
Instructor: Shelley